15 Minutes Mushroom Teriyaki Recipe

I feel sluggish in summer and I tend to cook really simple dishes, like this 15 minutes mushroom teriyaki, so I can be in and out from the kitchen as fast as possible. Although we are making a teriyaki dish, there is no need to buy a bottle of teriyaki sauce. As long as you have soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar, you can make your own teriyaki sauce at home.

15 Minutes Mushroom Teriyaki

You can use any mushroom

I use super common white button mushroom to make this mushroom teriyaki dish since this is the most widely available mushroom. Of course you can use other varieties of mushroom too, such as king oyster, fresh shiitake, and fresh portobello. When you use king oyster or fresh portobello mushrooms, this can easily be made into a main dish.

15 Minutes Mushroom Teriyaki

15 Minutes Mushroom Teriyaki

Playing around with the garnishes

I always stock fresh scallions in my refrigerator, so chopping some up to garnish this easy mushroom teriyaki dish is a no brainer. Another possible garnish is to use lemon zest, and even squeeze some of the fresh lemon juice to the finished dish to make an instant teriyaki ponzu mushroom dish!

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