Soto Daging – Indonesian Beef Soup Recipe

I was looking through the recipes that I have published so far, and I could not believe I haven’t shared this super delicious soto daging to this day. This is one of the very first soto recipes I learn to make when I started having to cook for myself back in college days, which is more than a decade ago, and this suddenly makes me feel old [depressed]. I was taking some college classes in Malaysia and then halfway I transferred to a college in the Midwest. I was freaked out that I still had so… many courses I needed to graduate, I played catch up and took like 22-24 credits each semester for 2 1/2 years toward my graduation. Crazy times.

Soto Daging – Indonesian Beef Soup

Even when I was so swamped with school work, I still managed to find time in weekends to do grocery and prepare food for 1 whole week. Two reasons, the first one being it was so much cheaper to cook my own food than eating out, and the second one was because I was so sick and tired of eating out even if I had the money, which I didn’t, which probably contributed to the quality of the take-out food I resorted to in the first place. What I prepared back then was nothing fancy of course, and I gravitated to soups like this since I can make a huge batch that lasted for at least a week. I have to admit back then my dishes most likely didn’t taste as good as now, and definitely not nearly as pretty 😉

Soto Daging - Indonesian Beef Soup

Soto Daging – Indonesian Beef Soup

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