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KUMULO BSD is the new talk of the town, an outdoor creative space with 25 micro shops. The address is pretty easy to find since it’s situated inside The Breeze BSD City,right next to Cakra Lounge.

cross the bridge to Kumulo

Me and Mr. Jajan were running some errands around the area and we decided to make a quick visit during off-peak hours when there was less visitors.

Kumulo has an interesting charm since it offers different retail shopping experience surrounded by nature. There are 25 well curated shops selling F&B, lifestyle, concept, interior, ceramic, nail, indoor plant, etc.

It is still in trial opening phase, hence there were only around 20% shops open during our visit. Love the fact that each building has its own unique shape, small but very cute.

We had a quick walk around the area, the combination between white buildings with open space and lush greens was really eye pleasing, we can see why it has become very popular. Looking forward to revisit again when the shops are fully open for complete experience.

Kumulo – The Breeze BSD
Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard, Sampora, BSD, Tangerang, Banten 15345
Trial opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00

Instagram: @kumulo.bsd


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