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Empal Gentong – Cirebon Beef Soup Recipe

Empal gentong is a traditional beef soup from the city of Cirebon in West Java, Indonesia. I’d like to think of this soup as the representative soto (traditional Indonesian soup) of Cirebon. This beef soup is very rich and savory from the use of spices and coconut milk. It is enjoyed with either steamed white rice, or ketupat/lontong, and a side of sambal rebus.

Ingredients to prepare empal gentong (Cirebon beef soup).

Choosing the right beef cut to use for empal gentong

Like most other Indonesian soto/soup that use beef as its main ingredient, the most popular cut is beef brisket (Indonesian: sandung lamur). Basically, this is our most common stew cut to make any kind of soto. You don’t have to stick to this particular cut, and you can use other beef cuts that are also suitable for stew, such as:

  • beef chuck
  • beef round
  • any beef cut that is labeled as beef stew cut

Aside from the meat, traditionally we also add equal part beef entrails to make empal gentong. Honeycomb tripe and intestines are always popular, but if you feel squeamish, or if it is not easy to obtain these, you can use 100% beef meat.

Empal gentong - Cirebon beef soup.

Empal gentong – Cirebon beef soup.

Herbs and spices to prepare empal gentong

To prepare empal gentong, you will need the following ingredients:

When serving this soup, I usually prepare the following:

Empal gentong - Cirebon beef soup.

Empal gentong – Cirebon beef soup.

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