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Local Heroes Series: Rangga Purbaya

Following the previous Local Heroes blog series, we want to continue highlighting the figures behind the Indonesian culinary scene, who play a significant role in nourishing Indonesia’s gastronomic world. For the sixth installment of our Local Heroes Series, we have Rangga Purbaya, the co-founder of Pondoh, a snake fruit (salak) fermentation and spirit company in Yogyakarta.

Rangga Purbaya believes that culinary industry is not only about eating and drinking, but it is also a representation of culture and change. “From the culinary world, we can explore and discuss broader contexts such as history, politics, art, and social dynamics that occur in society. I went through the small-scale fermentation and alcohol distillery industry, and have been working to survive in an ever changing situation,” he said.

Inspired by his social environment, he wants to explore the culinary industry pass the surface and what is common. Rangga noticed that there are various ways and perspectives to see the landscape of our culinary industry. His involvement in the culinary industry is a response to survival, and efforts to contribute to the people who loves his products.

Rangga also believes that the Indonesian culinary world is seen growing rapidly. “Mainly thanks to the support of policy makers who seek to improve the competitiveness and quality of the Indonesian culinary industry, as well as the emergence of individuals who encourage and seek the independence of the culinary industry on a small scale in various cities and villages,” said Rangga.

Culinary industry is intertwined with other industries, such as culture and art. “I work as an artist, photographer and independent researcher, which gives me many opportunities to meet, discuss, and learn various things about culinary culture in Indonesia. Opened my eyes and mind to the richness and diversity of the culinary archipelago,” said Rangga. He believes that his work allows him to offer a different perspective and to see certain issues in the culinary industry that is usually taboo, for example alcohol. “The alcohol industry is often seen negatively in a group of people, but is actually respected in the customs and culture of other communities,” he explained.

Rangga faces difficulties when dealing with community stigma that influences policy making in terms of legal licensing and support from the local government. “So, my business is difficult to develop,” continued Rangga.

As a final note, Rangga explained on how we can grow Indonesia’s culinary scene. He said that the progress of the Indonesian culinary industry at this time should be followed by an egalitarian spirit or equality in seeing the richness and diversity of Indonesian cuisine.

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Local Heroes Series: Ayu Linggih

Following our previous Local Heroes blog series, we believe that it is essential to keep highlighting the figures behind the Indonesian culinary scene as they play a significant role in nourishing Indonesia’s gastronomic world. For the seventh installment of our Local Heroes series, we have Ayu Linggih, Founder of Rosalie Cheese in Bali and Jakarta.

Fermented food has always been Ayu Linggih’s passion and her background in food science led her to found Rosalie Cheese, a food tech company that produces artisanal food products through market-based innovation. “The idea started when I saw an increasing demand of natural cheese in Indonesia, but a limited supply of local products and highly priced import products. Furthermore, the number of small dairy farms in Indonesia is increasing, providing an abundant supply of milk with a competitive price,” explained Ayu.

When Ayu saw that her passion met with the market demand, she starts producing high quality cheese products that can both compete with international products and fit the local taste.

Ayu explained that Rosalie Cheese mainly produced natural Indonesian cheese from farm fresh ingredients without preservatives and food coloring. “Our aim is to create specialty cheese with a unique twist on local flavor, developed to suit the local and international taste,” continued Ayu.

High quality cheeses in Indonesia are mostly imported and usually are very expensive due to the high import tax and exchange rate. This is a challenge especially for hotels and restaurants, which solely relies on imported cheese. On the other hand, most locals can only afford the lower priced cheese, which is low grade processed cheese. With Rosalie Cheese, Ayu aims to solve those issues by producing local high-quality natural cheese with a medium price range, providing better value than the imported and local competitions’ products.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Ayu’s parents always encouraged her and her brothers to try as many things as they can and not to fear failure. “The strong relationship and support from my family plays an important role on my journey as the founder of Rosalie Cheese,” she said.

Of course her innovative ideas also came with challenges. The biggest challenge that Ayu faced with Rosalie Cheese is the difficulty in attracting local customers due to different taste and preferences towards cheese. “We need to spend a lot of time and effort to iterate our products,” said Ayu. After a period of product developments and market testing, Rosalie Cheese started to attract domestic customers by adjusting their flavors and collaborating with chefs to show fun ways to eat their products, such as by creating a recipe using their cheese.

Ayu believes that every region in the world has their own unique characteristic in terms of dairy products. With Indonesia, the climate, variation of plant-life and soils will impact the flavor of the cheese produced. In her opinion, people will have the desire to try different origins of cheese – just like coffee. Ayu also sees that the food trends in Indonesia are definitely going towards healthier, sustainable packaging and responsible producer.

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