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Tori no Tatsuta Age – Deep Fried Marinated Chicken Recipe

Tori no tatsuta age – deep fried marinated chicken to me is a very underrated Japanese fried chicken dish. At a glance it looks very similar to the more popular tori no karaage. Both are bite-sized fried chicken thigh, both are popular izakaya fare, but I think tori no tatsuta age wins in term of flavor.

Tori no Tatsuta Age – Deep Fried Marinated Chicken

Making tatsuta age marinating sauce

The main difference between tatsuta age and karaage lies in the marinating sauce.

To make tatsuta age, you need to first marinade pieces of chicken thigh meat in soy sauce, mirin, sake, and ginger juice.

Ginger juice is basically strained liquid of grated ginger, so you start by grating fresh ginger, and then strain to get the juice.

A 30 minute marinate is typically enough, though it won’t hurt if you marinate for up to 2 hours.

Tori no Tatsuta Age - Deep Fried Marinated Chicken

Tori no Tatsuta Age – Deep Fried Marinated Chicken

Katakuriko (potato starch)

Once the chicken is properly marinated, pat them dry, and transfer into a ziplock bag.

Into the bag, add about half a cup of katakuriko, which is potato starch.

TIPS: Most Asian markets stock this starch, but if that is a hassle, corn starch does a wonderful job as substitute.

With the chicken and starch in the ziplock bag, give it a vigorous shake so every piece of chicken is coated with the starch.

Tori no Tatsuta Age - Deep Fried Marinated Chicken

Tori no Tatsuta Age – Deep Fried Marinated Chicken

Egg white scallion ginger batter and deep frying

Once they are coated, it is close to ready for deep frying. I typically start heating my pot of oil while I make the batter.

Whisk egg whites until foamy, then add even more katakuriko (or corn starch), thinly sliced scallions, and grated ginger. Mix well, and this is the batter for the chicken.

Once the oil is hot (~ 170 Celsius / 340 Fahrenheit), coat the chicken pieces in the egg white batter, and fry in the hot oil until golden brown.

Tori no Tatsuta Age - Deep Fried Marinated Chicken

Tori no Tatsuta Age – Deep Fried Marinated Chicken

Open some cold beers

Like I said, tori no tatsuta age is a popular izakaya fare. Meaning, the best way to enjoy these fried chicken is with copious amount of cold beer. Or some hot sake if that is more your thing.

But summer is approaching, and the weather is definitely getting warmer, so excuse me while I gobble down my fried chicken with some beer 😉

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MARINATED EGG YOLK – Shoyuzuke Ranou

Time for another recipe, the viral SOY SAUCE MARINATED EGG YOLKS that are very popular in Korea and Japan.

There are many version of marinated egg yolk recipe, for easier version, you can simply marinate egg yolk in soy sauce, but of course this version tastes even better with more flavor dimensions.

Some Korean version uses cooking wine, while Japanese version uses Mirin, since we have mirin, we decided to make Japanese version.The marinated egg yolk is really OISHII! It’s like tamago kake gohan but the new elevated version. Note: make sure to use good quality of egg that’s safe to be consumed raw/ half cook, we’re using premium omega egg yolk for this recipe.

6 egg yolks

100ml soy sauce
200ml water
4tbsp mirin
3tbsp sugar
1/2 onion
1 spring onion

– Boil all ingredients (except egg yolk) in a pot with medium heat for 6minutes
– Cool down the sauce, remove the onion and spring onion
– Pour the sauce on top of egg yolk slowly
– Refrigerate for 2 hours
– Flip over the yolk and keep inside refrigerator for another 2 hours (minimal 4 hours in total both side). You can keep it longer in the refrigerator to let it more marinated (for example 24 hours)
– Serve the egg yolk along with a teaspoon of sauce on top of rice with sesame seed and nori/ seaweed flakes

The egg yolk has nice rich smooth melt in the mouth texture with nice hint of salty flavor, it’s very delicious to eat with warm rice. Give it a try and let us know what do you think about it.

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