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Ayam Ungkep – Indonesian Fried Chicken Recipe

When Indonesians mention ayam goreng (fried chicken), what we really mean is ayam ungkep, and you can use the term interchangeably.

Ungkep translates to braising, and the name reflects the fact that what we fry is not raw chicken, but chicken that has been braised in a pot of broth filled with spices.

Since the chicken is fully cooked once braised, the deep frying (goreng) is simply to give the chicken a crispy skin and doesn’t take long at all.

Ingredients for Ayam Ungkep – Indonesian Fried Chicken

Perfect fried chicken dish for busy people

Many Indonesians prepare ayam ungkep in really large batches during the ungkep (braising) process.

My Mom used to braise multiple birds in the biggest stock pot she owns, then she will strain the cooked chicken, and portion them into separate freezer bags. Over the course of several weeks, she will regularly thaw one bag at a time, deep fry, and serve us some fried chicken. Don’t you think this is such a smart thing to do?

Of course, if you want to follow her and prepare multiple batches, please be sure to scale up all the ingredients.

Ayam Ungkep - Indonesian Fried Chicken

Ayam Ungkep – Indonesian Fried Chicken

Save the flavorful broth for your bubur ayam

Every time I cook ayam ungkep (Indonesian fried chicken), I will be left with a pot of very flavorful spiced broth. What I do is I strain this to get a clear broth, and save it to serve with my bubur ayam.

I especially like this approach when I get a rotisserie chicken from the grocery, so I simply need to prepare some plain congee (bubur), ladle the flavorful chicken broth over the plain congee, and top with shredded rotisserie chicken.

Or, if you are somehow sick of eating fried chicken (Is this even possible?), you can serve the braised chicken and the flavorful broth with a bowl plain congee too!

Ayam Ungkep - Indonesian Fried Chicken

Ayam Ungkep – Indonesian Fried Chicken

What can I serve with ayam ungkep?

Although the most common way is to enjoy ayam ungkep for lunch/dinner with a plate of steamed white rice and a side of sambal terasi/sambal bajak, this Indonesian fried chicken shows up as one of the side dishes in many Indonesian rice dishes, such as:

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